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Madix Models for Revit and CAD
  • Visualize the Best Use of Your Retail Space

    Madix has converted its entire product catalog that utilizes floor space to Autodesk Revit® and AutoCAD® profiles, and it has made them available online for our customers and designers. Having Madix's display and storage products in these formats will greatly benefit store planning executives who utilize Revit® and AutoCAD® and the designers who plan fixture layouts. We want to empower our customers to improve store planning and help them visualize how fixtures will look in future projects. Designers can manipulate and reposition Madix fixtures in 3D space by downloading Revit® and AutoCAD® files from our webpage and then open it using Autodesk® software. Begin your store planning experience with Madix now.

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Madix Display Products

Folding Shelf Carriage


Luxe Aisle, Wall, and Queuing Fixture

Freestanding Displays

Hyper Maxi

Galvanized Cooler Shelves

Maxi Line

Maxi Line Systems

Queuing Fixture

Tube Line

Rolling Gondola

Dressing/Fitting Rooms


Maxi Rack

Cooler Shelving

Pallet Rack


Storage Shelving

Wide Span

Work Counter