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Madix understands electronics stores. A leading innovator in the store fixture industry, Madix has a history of successfully helping electronics retailers solve their merchandising challenges.

  • Challenge:

    Energizing Displays

    Creating a unique in-store experience is one of the most difficult challenges faced by electronics retailers today.

    Madix's Solutions

    To encourage customer loyalty, retailers need to ameliorate the in-store experience. Make the most of your stores with eye-catching signage that is built into the fixtures. Educate shoppers with interactive digital displays that entertain and encourage sales.

  • Gallery

    • Your customer service and ideas offered to help our business are amazing. No other supplier takes interest in our business the way Madix does.

      - Top-12 Electronics Retailer

ULTRA - Aisle and Wall Fixture

Key Product Lines for Electronics

Additional Challenges:

  • Lighten Up

    Effective use of lighting makes merchandise stand out.

    Madix's Solutions

    Lighten up your sales floor with Madix's specially designed lighting products. Draw attention to specific brands or merchandising categories with illuminated, large format graphics.

  • Sturdy & Stylish

    When displaying large merchandise that requires modular power, retailers need fixtures that are flexible.

    Madix's Solutions

    Turn to Madix for sturdy yet stylish displays that best utilize your sales floor. Madix's product lines merchandise large electronics such as televisions and stereo systems. To hinder theft and reduce shrinkage, Madix manufactures specialty accessories and durable security cases that lock up valuable merchandise of all sizes.