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    Hi, I’m Craig, the Director of Culture and Leadership at Madix. We are doing a lot of great things at Madix and it all boils down to empowering our people. We are growing a culture that empowers all team members to enhance their lives both at work and at home.

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  • Craig Kilgore | Director of Culture & Leadership

  • Our Purpose

    Valuing people, so they feel
    safe, inspired, and fulfilled

Our Values

  • Integrity


    Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons

  • Accountability


    We take responsibility for both actions and outcomes

  • Growth


    We invest in
    lifelong learning

  • Teamwork


    We believe in cooperative effort; going in the same direction

  • Positive Attitude

    Positive Attitude

    Choosing a positive mindset in all circumstances, despite challenges

  • Mission Statement

    Madix attracts and attains customers by exceeding expectations in the design, quality, and delivery of the most innovative products in the markets we serve. A commitment to continuous improvement and personal development of our team members creates a mutually beneficial relationship amongst all stakeholders.




    Integrity. Accountability. Growth. Teamwork. Positive attitude.


    Growing a business that improves the lives of people and our communities—and fulfills the needs of our customers.

    Words Matter

  • Code of Conduct Series

    "Purpose-driven, passionate people guided by values
    fueled by learning create amazing outcomes."

  • Code of Conduct Series Introduction

    The Madix Code of Conduct has more to do with "do's" rather than "don't's". Follow Craig as he sheds light on creating a healthy culture at Madix.

  • #1 The Golden Rule

    For January, Craig discusses The Golden Rule and how it applies to our lives, both personal and professional.

  • #2 Be On Time; Be Present

    Join Craig, Madix's Director of Culture and Leadership, as he discusses February's topic of being on time and being present. This is part of his Code of Conduct series.

  • #3 Arrive Prepared

    Join Craig, Madix's Director of Culture and Leadership, as he discusses March's topic of arriving on time and willing to participate. This is part of his Code of Conduct series.

  • #4 Be Fully Engaged

    Craig Kilgore walks us through the Code of Conduct topic of being fully engaged; put the phones down.

  • #5 Communicate Respectfully

    Craig delivers the next Code of Conduct topic.

  • #6 Seek First to Understand

    Craig delivers his next training topic on the importance of Dr. Covey's Habit #5 - Seek first to understand, then be understood

  • #7 Encourage Others (5:1)

    Craig breaks down the "magic ratio" of personal relations in this month's Code of Conduct video.

  • #8 All Ideas Welcome

    Craig breaks down this month's Code of Conduct regarding being open and receptive to feedback. However, we must also be open to all outcomes.

  • #9 Be Curious and Not Defensive or Suspicious

    Craig reminds us that curiosity is healthy for relations, but being suspicious can destroy relationships.

  • #10 Speak the Truth with Love

    Craig discusses speaking truth and love in the workplace.

  • #11 No Gossip

    Gossip is destructive and Director of Culture and Leadership, Craig Kilgore, reminds us all to consider others and discuss issues with those who can help.

  • #12 Behave Consistently with Our Values

    Craig remind us to always behave consistently with our values at all times.

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