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The Six Biggest Mistakes Retailers Make
Deploying "Buy Online, Pick Up in Store"

  • Once upon a time, the retail industry was a lot less complicated.
Before the internet, before mobile phones, before the plethora of technological innovations available today - there was simply brick-and-mortar.
  • Nowadays, there is a large, complex network of channels retailers must consider when targeting customers and pushing sales. “Omnichannel retailing,” the ability to interact with and provide products/services to customers on virtually any platform, has become the new industry standard.
  • Retailers should attempt to position their BOPIS pickup within the front-end area of their stores, placing it as near to the entrance as possible.
  • Really make things easy!” says Chris Cunnane, a researcher on omnichannel fulfillment and writer for Logistics Viewpoints. “The customer should not feel lost when they arrive at the store to pick up their order.
  • The pickup area needs to be staffed with enough associates to greet
customers and make them feel welcome, locate/finalize the BOPIS order, and capitalize on opportunities to upsell.
  • Since BOPIS orders are usually fulfilled from an individual store’s main inventory, there are two major points where mix ups can occur: the BOPIS pickup area itself, and the back room.
  • However, retailers can create the illusion of little-to-no wait times with good queue management. Designating a clearly defined queue area helps control traffic flow and prevent customers from cutting in front of each other, a prime contributor to “queue rage.”
  • Remodeling or reconstruction of a store’s front end to accommodate a BOPIS area might be required in some cases, but usually the same effect can be achieved with space-saving storage units specifically designed for BOPIS support.
  • No solution is universal to every retail environment. Madix is proud to introduce several new products designed to help retailers create and maintain a successful BOPIS implementation.
  • Do It Right—The First Time

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    Streamline your omnichannel initiatives with our comprehensive solutions for “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” (BOPIS). Madix can help you organize and secure BOPIS orders, manage your pickup queues, and push impulse merchandise for additional, in-store sales.

    • Location – The pickup counter needs to be located near the store’s entrance for best accessibility
    • Signage – Customers should be able to easily identify where and how to proceed to pick up their order; signage and graphics not only facilitate pickup, but also lend aesthetic appeal to otherwise boring fixtures and counters in the front end
    • Organization – Fixtures that provide organized storage and display will help make in-store fulfillment faster while minimizing mistakes
    • Queue management – A defined queuing area for order pickup will streamline the pickup process; queuing systems with plenty of impulse-merchandising options can also help boost in-store sales
    • Scalability – “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” popularity increases during peak shopping seasons just like any other retail-sales channel; fixtures that can grow and shrink according to demand will help retailers maintain BOPIS performance without wasting valuable space
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  • design:retail magazine features Madix's BOPIS in July issue.

    design:retail magazine features Madix's BOPIS in July issue.

    design:retail magazine features Madix's BOPIS in July issue.


Madix Solution

Efficient Queue Management
  • Madix’s new Luxe Queuing offers retailers an ultra-flexible, creative platform for expediting the BOPIS fulfillment process, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting impulse-merchandise sales.

    Madix is committed to delivering concepts to help retailers get the most out of their stores. Let our team help create the perfect buy online, pick up in store solution. Get Started Today»