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LEDge Light Versa
  • LEDge Light Versa

    Hassle-free way to light an entire fixture run

    The new LEDge Light Versa system allows retailers to quickly and easily modify shelf spacing without the hassle of unplugging and reconnecting. Adjust shelves with LEDge Lights throughout the run without moving wires or electrical connections. System is used in lieu of harness or jumper application. Patent No. US 8,979,311 B2

    • Quickly reset plan-o-grams
    • Spring-loaded Versa connector easily installs to pre-existing LEDge light runs
    • Compatible with most metal shelving
    • PATENT NO. US 8,979311 B2

    Most lighting systems require you to completely unplug and reconnect the lights' wires when reconfiguring your shelving arrangement, but Madix's LEDge Light Versa features spring-loaded connectors for quick and easy resets. No more rewiring power cables or repositioning electrical connections! Simply unhook and reattach the shelves to the uprights, and the lights automatically turn on.


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  • Surface & Panel magazine recently conducted an in-depth study on the benefits of utilizing LED lighting. The article points out several key points that place LEDge Light at the peak end of the lighting spectrum. Learn more about LEDge Light »

    Key points from the article

    • LEDge Light uses constant 24v power to sustain its quality lighting distribution.
    • The color temperature for LEDge Light is 4200K.
    • The CRI (Color Rendering Index) is based on a 0-100 scale. The higher the number, the better color rendering ability. LEDge Light's CRI is 85.
  • Components for LEDge Light Versa

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     LEDge Light Versa Bus Bar

    • Available in 46" and 76" (1168 mm and 1930 mm) lengths (for 54" and 84" [1372 mm and 2134 mm] back panels, respectively)
    • Can be mounted higher or lower on larger panels depending on shelf location
    • Can be trimmed to fit shorter panels
    Part Number: LLBB(NL)
    • LLBB......LEDge Light Versa Bus Bar
    • NL.....Nominal Length 46" or 76" (1168 mm or 1930 mm)
    LLBB(NL)-LEDge Light Versa Bus Bar

     LEDge Light Versa Connector

    • Complete assembly includes connector and cable
    • Versa connector needs to be size of shelf or deeper
    Part Number: LLVC(ND)
    • LLVC......LEDge Light Versa Connector
    • ND......Nominal Depth 12", 18", 30" (305 mm, 457 mm, 762 mm)
    LLVC(ND)-LEDge Light Versa Connector

     LEDge Light Versa Y-Connector

    • Splitter connecting LEDge Light Versa Bus Bars to power supply
    • 15" (381 mm) overall length
    Part Number: LLVY
    • LLVY......LEDge Light Versa Y-Connector
    LLVY-LEDge Light Versa Y-Connector