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Madix Provides Answers for Automotive or Marine Merchandising

Madix understands the needs of automotive and marine stores. A leading innovator in the store fixture industry, Madix has a history of successfully helping auto and marine stores solve their merchandising challenges.

  • Challenge:

    Improve Space Utilization

    Improve Space UtilizationSpace on the sales floor and the backroom must be utilized efficiently, especially since floor plans are smaller. By deploying equipment that better utilizes every centimeter of the sales floor, you can improve product assortment while lifting sales.

    Madix's Solutions

    At Madix, we offer products that help you utilize every centimeter, both in the front and back of the stores. Our Maxi Line system gives customers more than 48" (1219 mm) of extra facing space by adding 1 3⁄8" (35 mm) to each section. This means more products on display, and more selling opportunities per square foot.

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Key Product Lines for Automotive or Marine:

Additional Challenges:

  • Challenge:

    Divide and Conquer Storefronts and Inventories

    Divide and Conquer Storefronts and Inventories

    Madix's Solutions

    Madix recognizes and addresses your need to divide the back room inventories and storefronts with service counters that optimize sales. Our high quality counters can be customized with doors, drawers, and accessories to accommodate your store associates' needs.

  • Maxi Line

    Gondola System Madix Maxi Line Gondola

    Maxi Line is famous for it's versatility, customizable options and accessories.

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  • LEDge Light

    Energy-Efficient Shelf Lighting LEDge Light

    LEDge Light is the first LED lighting product designed for display shelves.

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  • Y-Gondola

    Innovative Thinking Madix Y-Gondola

    Madix's Y-Gondola creates a perfect focal point for increased product sales.

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  • Challenge:

    Cut Backroom Clutter

    Cut Backroom Clutter

    Madix's Solutions

    Keeping backroom space organized is a challenge because of hand-stacked and bulky inventories. Utilize storage shelving and heavy-duty racking to make parts and merchandise easily accessible to store associates.