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Hardware or Home Improvement

Hardware or Home Improvement

Madix understands hardware stores, both big and small. A leading innovator in the store fixture industry, Madix has a history of successfully helping hardware stores solve their merchandising challenges.

  • Challenge:

    Efficient Sales Floor

    Making the sales floor efficient is one of the most difficult challenges for hardware and home improvement retailers.

    Madix's Solutions

    At Madix, we offer products that answer the efficiency challenge whether you use standard gondola systems or heavy-duty racking. Our Maxi Line system gives customers more than 48" (1219 mm) of extra facing space by adding 1 3⁄8" (35 mm) to each section. Madix offers medium- and heavy-duty storage and racking lines of varying load capacities that transform your sales floor. This transformation means more products on display, and more selling opportunities per square foot.

  • Gallery

    • You do more than any of your competitors, and you miss the opportunity to brag. If you'd tell everybody what you do for us, you'd take over all of the customers. I'm convinced of that.

      - Top Retailer

Key Product Lines for Hardware or Home Improvement

Additional Challenges:

  • Dynamic Signage

    Embed Madix's signage solutions into your fixtures to improve sales.

    Madix's Solutions

    Signage draws attention to specific merchandise and improves sales of your most profitable merchandise. Combine the signage with point-of-sale displays, promotional binning, and accessories that transform your sales floor.

  • Big Opportunities

    Whether you use racking or gondolas, Madix offers a variety of hardware specific accessories to effectively display uniquely shaped merchandise, including hand-held and large power tools.

    Madix's Solutions

    Combine Pallet Rack, Maxi Line, and the accessories needed to complete the fixture layout. No matter which line you choose, each offers the durability, strength, and flexibility that you need to be successful.