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The People of Madix

Madix is a company about people—our employees, our clients, and our community. Our reputation as an innovative leader in the store-fixture industry is a product of the hard work and dedication of our team members. At Madix, every individual plays a vital role in the success of our company, which is why we in turn strive to help employees achieve their professional and personal goals. We also are committed to maintaining a diverse work environment where everyone feels safe, inspired, and returns home each night fulfilled by the work they do. Investing in our employees and respecting our people is the best way to preserve our future as a company.

Madix Mission Statement

Madix attracts and attains customers by exceeding expectations in the design, quality, and delivery of the most innovative products in the markets we serve. A commitment to continuous improvement and personal development of our employees creates a mutually beneficial relationship amongst all stakeholders.

Madix Through the Years
Madix Through the Years

Our Story

Formed in 1956, Dixie Craft Manufacturing began as a small, family-owned manufacturer in Alabama. Maytex Store Fixtures, a similar manufacturer in Texas, was established in 1962. The merger of Dixie Craft Manufacturing and Maytex Store Fixtures formed Madix, Inc. in 1982. With the acquisition of Spencer Products in 2003, the family-owned business has expanded its manufacturing facilities to include over 2.3 million square feet of production space.

Madix claims a rich history of technological innovation honed from extensive field research, cutting edge product development, and world-class delivery and installation solutions. Computer-automated order processing and manufacturing tracking systems control product costs and ensure quality control and speed of delivery. Madix works in partnership with retailers and national brands in a range of industries to design and facilitate the use of fixtures and racks for retail stores. National Installers, an affiliated company, provides installation services.

The People of Madix

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Madix apart from its competitors?

Madix is one of the largest manufacturers of store fixtures in the world. It is known for innovative solutions that are customized to client's needs, as well as creative and unique ideas that influence trends in the industry. Madix offers a wide assortment of cataloged products, but also prides itself in being open to custom product development and assisting customers with their individual needs. Madix embraces the implementation of new ideas and the integration of new technology into its products, making Madix the leader in innovation.

What technical capabilities differentiate Madix from its competitors?

Madix has an extensive engineering staff with a "can-do" attitude. Both design and manufacturing personnel are experts in production of stamped and formed sheet metal and wire products. We operate several full-scale tool and die facilities that can quickly take a design to volume production. We also have multiple laser centers for rapid prototyping and lower volume production requirements. Madix utilizes SAP management tools to promote collaboration amongst design engineers, industrial engineers, product management, and the sales team.

What does Madix value most in a client relationship?

Madix strives to truly understand a customer's struggles and challenges, and takes pride in finding innovative solutions that solve the customer's individual needs. At Madix, we understand that to solve the problem, you have to understand it. We listen to our customers and respond to the challenges they describe. We work to understand their business purpose and collaborate to develop an action plan to achieve their goals. As a result, Madix maintains loyal, long-term customers and seeks ways for both companies to succeed. Madix is also constantly looking to expand relationships and create new partnerships among companies.

How does Madix gain and cultivate client relationships?

Madix has over 50 years of experience in solving retailers' merchandising and design challenges. Madix utilizes sales representatives throughout the world to accommodate the retailers' needs. Madix has also developed thousands of products and built millions of parts to satisfy those customers' needs. Through all of this, Madix upholds its reputation of providing excellent customer service. Especially with new customers, Madix seeks to understand their business and challenges, before suggesting solutions. We appreciate that each company has its own set of obstacles and frustrations, and as a result offer individual solutions at each opportunity.

How does Madix hire and train employees to ensure a sustainable future?

When bringing in a new team member, Madix seeks out creative and well-educated personnel that show enthusiasm in their work. Madix encourages its employees to take pride in their work, and constantly looks for ways to aid their personal and professional development. Madix also encourages its employees to follow LEAN initiatives, which improve efficiency and product quality.

The People of Madix

Manufacturing Capabilities

As an innovative leader in the store fixture industry, Madix is a modern manufacturer with state-of-the-art facilities. The company manufactures metal, wire, wood and specialty products and displays, and upholds a reputation of creating quality products and providing excellent customer service. Madix operates some of the best tool and die facilities in the country, designing and building all of its own tooling and roll formers. Laser centers and robotic centers maximize cleanliness and efficiency in the production flow. CNC controlled auto welders and conveying systems allow for quick and consistent product progress throughout the plants. Madix also utilizes multiple unique powder coating systems within its manufacturing facilities. A Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturer, Madix increases productivity by maximizing resources and maintaining smaller amounts of inventory, but can quickly respond to a customer's requests for product.

A lean manufacturer, Madix strives to eliminate wastes in all areas of the company, extending these principles beyond the plant floor to the administrative offices. Madix is constantly striving to reduce lead times, improve quality, reduce waste and increase productivity. Two main pillars outline Madix's initiatives – Respect for the People and Continuous Improvement. Madix believes that all employees have ideas, suggestions and creative abilities that may be beneficial to the company. Madix empowers employees to express these ideas through open communication with management. Madix encourages the personal and professional growth of its employees. Constant analysis of processes through Kaizen events allows Madix to continuously improve and grow.

The People of Madix

Green Manufacturing

For Our Environment:
Madix recycles 100% of the waste accrued from our steel manufacturing operations, selling the offal to steel mini-mills/smelters and reclaiming the scrap-metal cost.

Wood-manufacturing waste is also recycled back to co-generation plant facilities.

Any recyclable liquid waste is blended into fuel for electricity generation. (All hydraulic and 85-140 differential oils are sold to an end user as usable/recyclable products.)

All cardboard waste is being recycled at various corrugated recycling plants across the country.

The non-hazardous water contaminants from our paint line's degreasing wash systems are sent to our waste-water pretreatment facility (located on premises). After all contaminants are removed, the water is forwarded to a publicly owned treatment plant, and the filtered (non-hazardous) waste is pushed through a filter press, and the residue is sent to a landfill.

We have also implemented a cold-water rinse cycle into our paint line system, which is a more energy-efficient method than the traditional hot-water rinse. Furthermore, by converting liquid paint lines to powder-coating systems, we have greatly reduced the amount of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions into the atmosphere.

Our manufacturing facilities incorporate skylights and opaque, natural-light wall panels to reduce the demand for fluorescent lighting during daytime operation.

There is a strict "No Idle" policy in place that prevents company (and vendor-owned) vehicles from idling for more than three minutes while on Madix premises. We enforce this policy to both conserve energy and moderate air pollution.

As a Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturer, Madix reduces packaging waste by packaging products more efficiently.

For Our Customers:
All metal shelving is 100% recyclable

Madix offers products that can contribute to receiving LEED credits

Environmentally safe products available