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BEAM LED Canopy Light Gen 4 |
  • Beam Light is the ideal LED alternative to fluorescent canopy lighting. Beam Light uses environmentally friendly LEDs that produce light intensity similar to a T8 fluorescent fixture, while using only a fraction of the energy and lasting nearly three times as long without replacement or maintenance. Beam Light produces virtually no heat, no UV rays (eliminating packaging degradation), and features a specially designed lens for optimal light distribution.

    • 3' and 4' lengths (914 mm and 1219 mm)
    • Maintenance-free life in excess of 50,000 hours (11 years at 12 hours/day). Uses same Power Supply and Jumper Cables as LEDge Light.
    • Durable aluminum extrusion. Integrated magnets make installation on metal shelves or other surfaces easy and allow fast changes. Uses same Power Supply and Jumper Cables as LEDge Light.
    • 7-year warranty
    • UL-listed system. All "plug and play" connections- no electrician required (Class 2 system)
    • Multiple units are connected using jumper cables or harness assembly. May be daisy-chained to a single power supply for single-row applications. 100W power supply can support up to seven (7) 48" (1219 mm) lights.
    • Color temperature: 4,200K. Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 85. Contains no heavy metals.
    • Low power consumption helps meet California Title 24 lighting regulations. Safe 24-volt DC system. Not compatible with Lumiback or Lumishelf accessories.
    BEAM Gen 4 LED Canopy Light
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