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Lighting by Madix - Lumiback Panels, LEDge Light
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  • Madix realizes the importance of incorporating energy-efficient lighting into fixtures. Good lighting has a positive impact on shopping behavior. Madix has several state-of-the art lighting products that are eco-friendly since they contain no heavy metals and reduce power consumption. These lights emit virtually no heat or UV rays, consume approximately 50 percent less energy than conventional sources, and have an incredibly long life, usually 70,000 hours or more.

Popular in Lighting

 BEAM LED Canopy Light Gen 3

Beam Light is the ideal LED alternative to fluorescent canopy lighting. Beam Light us...
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 LEDge Light Gen 3

LEDge Light is the first LED lighting product designed specifically for use on displa...
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 LEDge Light Versa

The new LEDge Light Versa system allows retailers to quickly and easily modify shelf ...
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 Lumi Split End Cap

The Split End Cap utilizes three uprights instead of just two. By utilizing three upr...
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 Lumiback Panels

Lumibacks replace back panels in Madix's fixtures to improve the light adjacent to th...
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With the Lumicanopy’s LED lighting, your illuminated signage will never be affected...
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A unique process converts acrylic sheet material to a lighted surface, utilizing ligh...
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