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Madix NexGen Cooler Shelf System
  • NexGen Cooler Systems

    Increase the efficiency of your refrigerated displays with our NEXGEN racks for walk-in coolers. NEXGEN is perfect for grocery and C-store applications, designed to facilitate First In, First Out (FIFO) product rotation and easy clean up. All racks are completely freestanding, needing no anchoring to cooler walls, and no tools are required for assembly—so installation is a breeze!

    Unlike the competition’s cooler shelving, NEXGEN features ¾” or 19 mm on-center slotting (versus 1.5” or 38 mm) for optimized vertical spacing and more merchandising flexibility. The slots are also numbered to make shelf installation and adjustments—as well as planograms—fast and simple.

    Each shelf boasts double the number of prongs normally found on cooler-rack shelving (eight versus four) for added stability. The two-pronged anchor points prevent shelf tilting and collapse, which is common with single-prong designs. The front prongs are also longer than the rest to aid shelf alignment and insertion: Once the front prongs are in place, simply push the shelf forward to engage the other six prongs.

    Our NEXGEN cooler shelving options include single and double units, so the system is scalable to your specific refrigerated display needs. The single unit is also available as a mobile fixture with casters, which is ideal for holding merchandise prone to seepage (e.g. jugs of milk). Simply wheel the rack out and hose it down for a quick cleanup. The optional drip pan can also help contain any accidental leaks or spills.

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      • ¾" or 19 mm on-center slots for optimized use of vertical space
      • Numbered slots to simplify installation and planograms
      • Eight prongs per shelf instead of four for added stability
      • Uprights are a unitized, welded assembly for easy installation
      • Patent-pending, three-sided upright (the fourth side is left open for easy cleaning)
      • Designed to qualify for NSF certification (pending)
      • Freestanding - does not require any attachment to walls
      • Mobile and stationary units available
      • Scalable
      • Optional drip pan
      • Roller-shelf upgrade available (for auto-facing/fronting merchandise and reduced manual labor)